Group fitness

If you like to kick start the day fresh or finish up on a high, our structured group fitness classes give you the motivation and energy to reach your fitness goals. With six individual fitness classes designed to strengthen and tone specific areas of the body, these are the ideal sessions to compliment any fitness-training regime.



This class is for any NEW or CURRENT members looking to learn good form and technique on both weight machines and free weights. Easy low impact class with options to challenge yourself.

Butt + Thighs

Targeting anything and everything from the waist down! Designed to increase strength, tone and endurance in the lower body. A combination of body weight and free weights. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Legs + Core

Using free weights, benches, steps, fit-balls and mats, this circuit style class uses a combination to alternate between lower body and core exercises.   

Resistance Bands

Perfect for those who need to learn a workout for when they travel. Using resistance bands, you will learn how to get a full body workout without dumbbells. Great when you're on holidays!

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Circuit w/Weight Machines

Using our pin-select weight machines to incorporate a 45 second circuit with the option of a low impact interval excersise inbetween each machine. Great to also learn proper form in your everyday workout.


Abs + Stretch

A simple, gentle class with a combination of some abdominal exercises, pelvic floor exercises and stretching to increase flexibility, circulation and range of motion. Also helpful in reducing stress.

Toning w/Weights

An all over body workout using dumbbell weights. Focusing on strength and form to tone and build lean muscle. Very effective for burning body fat and increasing metabolism all day long. All fitness levels can benefit.


This is an important component to any work-out. Using physio foam rollers and resistance bands, this stretch class will help you recover from your work-outs. 

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Under the guidance of our expert female fitness trainers you’ll be inspired and confident to workout in our safe space. 

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